02 Juni 2013

One Day in a Dream Land: Tokyo Disneysea

I knew about Tokyo Disneyland before coming to Japan. At that time I was stalking on one of my friends facebook page and found h** photos in Disneyland during h** exchange in Japan. Then I set a dream to visit Tokyo Disneyland someday. Later, I realized there are two Disney parks in Tokyo: Disneyland and Disneysea. I knew that from my friend's blog here. People said that Disneysea is more suitable and romantic place for teenager and adults to visit. Once I arrived in Tokyo and lived here, I put in my mind that Disneysea should be the ultimate amusement park I have to visit. So I refrain my self to go there until I get a special moment or go with a special person :D

Actually I was planning to go there in summer this year during my family visit. However, plan changed, added precisely, and I paid a visit with my friend last week. To be noted: he is not " a special person" I was defined earlier :p

Tokyo Disney Resort is always crowded in the weekend, that's what people said. So I tried to secure my visiting time by buying the tickets two days before at Disney Store near my dormitory in Odaiba. There are several Disney Stores in Tokyo which also has a Disney Ticket Counter, and the nearby store in my area is in Aqua City Odaiba. I bought two tickets in advance which cost 6,200 yen each. Actually there is a discount for Tokyo residents until next month, but we have to go there on weekdays. And unfortunately I couldn't able to leave my undergoing thesis experiment during weekdays.

We left for Disneysea in the early morning of Saturday. We went by subway Rinkai Line, bound for Shin Kiba (the last station) and transfer to JR Line heading for Maihama Station, the nearest station in the front of Disney Resort. Then from there we took Disney Resort monorel train which stop in the four stations inside the resort: Tokyo Disneyland Station, Bayside Station, Tokyo Disneysea Station and Resort Gateway Station. The resort open from 8.00 a.m. until 22.00 p.m. We were planning to arrive there as early as possible, but...whoaa...it seemed people had the same mind with us.
Visitor of Disneyland. Very crowded during weekends. Similar situation with Disneysea.

Disneysea has two side entrance/exit gates and each gate has several gates. All of them were crowded. Although we got advance tickets on our hand, we still have to line up up to 15' until we finally reached Disneysea Plaza (kind of welcoming area).

Disneysea Plaza

Mediterranean style building

"Spring Voyage" - seasonal theme during my visit

Main landmark of Disneysea: Volcanic mountain - Mt. Prometheus, it has the same height with Cinderella castle in Tokyo Disneyland