15 November 2012

Academic Life in Todai

Hi, good to see you again! (Pretend that I am a famous author :))) )
Well, it's been more than 1 semester for me living in Tokyo and studying at The University of Tokyo (Tokyo Daigaku-Todai). In previous posts I often talk about my life here, mostly my daily life and personal experience in non-academic field. Now I want to share about the "hard skill" I studied in this place.

Probably several of you are or used to be a university student. Do you remember how does it feel when you learn something new? It was exciting isn't it? Moreover, return to school also means that I have new activities after I dealt with my previous job.

I am taking civil engineering course here because I belong to one of laboratory under Department of Civil Engineering. But, in reality, for graduate student, we have no obligation to take courses in civil engineering. We are free to take any courses here. Even if you want to take social class, it is allowed. But considering your research in your field, of course you need to take courses that support your research field. For my case, I have 30 credits to be fulfilled within this two years study. Ten of them are for thesis research, so I should fulfill 20 credits from courses.