14 April 2012

Entrance Ceremony

In my first week in Japan, the International Office of The University of Tokyo gave me a blue envelope, contained an invitation letter to attend the entrance ceremony in the next week. For me, (at first) the invitation is not so special since I have experienced the euphoria of being a university student in my former university. It would be different if I was an undergraduate student of Todai. In the invitation letter, there was also a ticket to attend the ceremony. I was supposed to give it to our family or relative or spouse (maybe). However, since I haven't any here, I didn't use it.

Then the Thursday, April 12, come. Me, Usama and Bahar went to the venue together from Hongo campus. Yes, the entrance ceremony wasn't held in Todai. It was held in Nippon Budokan, kind of Big Hall located in Kitanomaru National Garden. The area is also belong to the Imperial Palace complex. 

We went there by chikatetsu (subway/ metro train) from Todaimae Station (Namboku Line), transferred in Iidabashi to Tozai Line, to Kudanshita Station.

At Todaimae, waiting for the next train.
(Photo taken by Bahar)

Arriving at Kudanshita St., there were ceremony's committee stationed there. They had already secure the way to Nippon Budokan. With yellow armband in their left arm, they guide all new students and invited guest to the venue. It was a big event. That ceremony, which was very important moment, especially for the freshmen, was fulfilled by families and also local media.

The entrance sign of Kitanomaru National Garden. The police in the front of  the sign board  shout continuously. Telling the direction to all guests.

11 April 2012

I phone...

Suatu hari sebelum berangkat ke Jepang, saya bimbang tentang jenis HP yang akan saya beli nanti. Kepinginnya sih beli iPhone, soalnya setelah baca biografinya Steve Jobs (yang tebel banget sekali itu), saya jadi tertarik dengan produk Apple dan ingin mencobanya. Klo budget ada yah saya mau dong beli itu.

Terus saya pun ngobrol dengan seorang teman yang nanti akan berangkat juga ke Jepang. Karena beliau ini pernah ke Jepang, jadinya saya mintain pertimbangannya tentang jenis HP apa yang akan/perlu saya beli nanti.
Ini kira-kira obrolannya:

It was obvious...that my friend challenged my idea to buy iPhone...
Several days ago...
I saw this on h** facebook timeline:

Dia beli iPhone... -_-'

Jadi pengen ngomong apa yang sering diomongin Koseki-sensei pas kuliah:
"What to say....?"

06 April 2012

First Class

I was told by International Office of Todai that I'll have an entrance ceremony in the 2nd week of April. Suddenly, right after my Lab Tour on Komaba Campus last Tuesday, there was a notification that in Thursday there would be a class. Ow...
So, it was my first class. The subject was Principles of Soil Mechanics. Interestingly, the class was held in Komaba Campus while my lab is in main campus in Hongo. I should travel quite far to get one class. Yes, only one class. So this was my second trip to Komaba Campus. But, yesterday, the trip was different, because we went together to Komaba with Luki-san, my senior in lab. He is Indonesian, so along the trip he explained many things to us about living in Japan. How to choose "hararu" (halal) food, where is the prayer room, where is the cheap shop, etc. Along the way to Komaba, we met Sakura/ cherry blossom. They were starting to bloom. It makes the trip to my first class much enjoyable. Then we took some picture of it...

Usama-san and Luki-san on our way to Komaba Campus

The blooming Sakura

Me in a front of children's park

04 April 2012

Tokyo: A New Life

I am still amazed about this country: the city, the system, the people, and the environment. It feels like I am dreaming now. My feeling is still in my hometown, although in fact I'm here! It is all so suddenly. Yesterday, I was still in Bandung, playing with my brother and sister, but then, in one night I traveled over 5000 km to Tokyo. It was the best flight I have ever had. For the first time I experienced aboard in wide-body airplane.
After arriving at Narita (outside Tokyo), I took a rapid train called "Skyliner". The interior and the environment is like a sci-fi train for me. It was like a dream, until I heard: oneeechan! (a little girl shout out loudly) Yeah, her shout (which I usually hear it from dorama) wakes me up: I'm really in Japan.

During a flight of JL-726

At the Narita underground station

Platform sign

Inside the Skyliner

In Yurikamome train