05 September 2011

Mountain Biking with Endomondo!

After a month, finally I was cycling again with my pal, Upi, yesterday. I felt I am weaker than before, proven by my average speed on flat road which was shown by my new "Cat-Eye" velo-wireless, that showed: 15-17 kmph.

Yeah, I bought it just before Ramadhan to measure my achievement in cycling. I have already cycling through hills around Bandung, but sometimes I want to know how was my speed, how long the distance and many other parameters. I bought it at a cost of 35
0k IDR, but it was worth. The mechanism of measurement is come from a magnetic sensor placed at the front tire. Then the sensor send the reading to computer mounted on handlebar.

My velo-wireless mounted on PiPi's handlebar

This velo-wireless read PiPi's current, average and maximum speed, trip distance, total distance, elapsed time, calorie consumption and carbon offset. Fun, isn't it?

Another Measurement Device
Last Sunday, when I went out cycling, Upi suggest me to use "Endomondo". A sport software designed for Android and Blackberry, and other gadget with GPS attached. I did use it. And, my review was: It was fun and cool!