23 Mei 2011

Dewa Ruci: Great Ship, Great Voyage, Great Nation

There are lot of memories that will sail with all ships as they left Bermuda. But, among them all, KRI Dewa Ruci will live in the special place in the heart of Bermudian people.
Headline news of Royal Gazzette (Bermuda, 4 July 1964)

KRI (Kapal Perang Republik Indonesia-Indonesia Naval Vessel) Dewa Ruci
(Source: Sail Amsterdam 2010 website)

Who doesn’t familiar with sailing ship? I mean a real sailing ship, not a sailing boat. Maybe our memories will return to the middle ages and before, where there were vast explorations and journeys across oceans by this sailing ship. Later, ages were changed, technology grew fast, and so was the ship. The sailing ships which propelled by the wind, were replaced by a steam power, then diesel engine and the latest, atomic power. So
the presence of sailing ships in this modern age is rare. And if it exists it will be unique and classic. In this article, I want to tell a story about a sailing ship whose voyage bring Indonesian identity and introduce it to the world. A ship that, once again, proved that Indonesians are descendants of great sailors and also showed that Indonesia is a great nation.

Dewa Ruci: The First Voyage to Conquer the Seven Seas

When “A True Story: Dewa Ruci, The First Voyage to Conquer the Seven Seas” book, first appeared at one popular TV show, I felt I should buy this book. The momentum of the book’s publishing was also right. Because months before, the ship had performed spectacular achievement in various Europe sailing events in 2010, including Sail Amsterdam 2010. That made euphoria on Dewa Ruci’s voyage has not been vanished. The book, written by Cornelis Kowaas, promote itself that it can awaken maritime soul among Indonesian youth generation, should be read by adventure lovers and travellers and as an important model for Indonesian naval cadet who should follow the dedication, pariotism and heroism of KRI Dewa Ruci’s crew on their first voyage around the world.