23 April 2011

A Story of My Graduation Day

Me and my PW (graduation companion) :p
a.k.a my parents

What is the difference between today and four years ago?
How have I change in the last four years?

These questions have multiple answers. But one of main answers is "the level of responsibility I bear."

Four years ago I used to be a college student. I responsible to learned and mastered subjects in my study program. Despite having other responsibilities in student organizations, I should finish my study to obtain my degree and make my parents proud of it.

Two weeks ago, I got my degree. I was awarded "Sarjana Teknik (S.T.)" after my name. Perhaps it won't change anything. But when I use it, it will be different. Now I can give an official sign with that degree in some ordinary letters in the project I involved in. Therefore, my responsibility is getting bigger.

08 April 2011

Short Course on Foundation Engineering: Principles and Practices (2)

Finally, only two days left for Short Course on Foundation Engineering: Principles and Practices.

There are 5 available seats left for the course. You can contact ... or bring your personal data and pay on site.

01 April 2011

My First Field Duty

Wearing ITB overall suit

It has been five days since I landed in this city, Palembang. Actually I stayed at the outskirt of Palembang. Plaju, in which I stay now, is a district that had established before our country made its freedom. This area was developing because of the oil refinery located here. According to history, the first oil refinery was built in Plaju by Shell in 1907. So it was not a surprise when I looked around in Komperta (Pertamina Housing Complex), every house style was almost in East Indies style (the style which was typical in all house built by Dutch Colonial Gov’t). I also remembered my history class, one of the main target of Japan in world war 2 when they conducted their first attack on Indonesia was Palembang. The Japanese soldier conducted an amphibious assault to occupy oil refinery area in Palembang. I am sure that was Plaju and Sungai Gerong refinery unit. Those are proofs that Plaju has a strategic value for Palembang, in particular, and this country in general for its role in oil industry.